“Justin was absolutely amazing. The video turned out great and I have recommended him to everyone I know. We had problems with our photographer but Justin was able to get us great stills of the ceremony that would have been lost. We would definitely hire Rehash again in a heart beat. No questions asked.”
Kristen J., Bride
“Amazing! One wedding I was a bridesmaid and the other the bride. Could not have asked for a better videographer for either!”
Kelsey D., Bride
“I could watch this video every day for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Rehash for an amazing job capurting the day I never want to forget!”
Ashley S., Bride
“Could not have asked for a better videoographer! Thanks Justin!”
Chris J., Groom
“We had a destination wedding & the video & mic’n was an afterthought so we were lucky to have a cell phone video & I wanted a nice video with the vows scrolling as a keepsake & for the reception which we had at a later date. Rehash did a great job & couldn’t be happier! Thx so much! Definetely recommend! Was a great addition to our reception & had it on 4 tv’s!”
Sarah K., Bride

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